Set contains :

– classic shadow brush

– angled shadow brush

– applicator with a shadow sponge.

Brushes are made of high quality synthetic bristles. They do not absorb the product and the structure of the bristles is easy to keep clean. A classic brush carefully profiled so that the application of shadows on the eyelid is easy and the applied shade spread evenly. The angled brush is perfect for highlighting the upper and lower eyelash lines. The applicator has a latex sponge, thanks to which the applied shade will be more intense. A teardrop-shaped head will prevent the product of falling on the cheeks.

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Product Description

Taking care: remember to regularly take care of brushes in order to keep them in a perfect condition. It is enough to use a small amount of shampoo or of a mild soap, froth, rinse thoroughly with water, squeeze and leave to dry.