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Brand history
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Killys brand was started in 1939, when a family hair brush factory was founded in French Brittany. Its owner called his factor KillyS for the names of his three daughters, i.e. Katherine, Lily and Sylvie. 

The factory was successful and extended its offering gradually with other hair accessories. Over time, beauty parlours which bought the brushes started to demand other beauty products. This is how the idea of the first manicure and pedicure accessories was born. The accessories were quickly recognised by women. Thanks to it, KillyS brand was more and more often associated not only with hair accessories. The brand popularity grew which led to its further development.

A break-through event was the merge of its owner, French LBD group, with Polish Inter-Vion SA, possessing more than 30 years of experience in the cosmetic accessories sector. This decision was the driving force for KillyS. It won the hearts of women in other countries than France. Starting from 2000, KillyS has put particular emphasis on products nourishing, strengthening and stressing the natural beauty of nails. The brand product offering has been expanding constantly and has comprised trendy accessories for makeup, hair styling, SPA products and travel accessories. At present, KillyS accessories can be found both in beauty parlours and at home.


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Products for you

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Eco-product line

Those are accessories developed with the Earth and the ecology in mind. You can find hair brush models, makeup brushes and hair accessories in it. The accessories are biodegradable and made from eco-friendly materials.

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