Cookie Policy

Our website at (hereinafter the “Website”), owned and administered by Inter-Vion S.A.(hereinafter the “Admin”), uses cookies, i.e. small text information sent by the Website and stored on the end user device (e.g. a PC, tablet, smartphone) which can be read by the Admin via the Website.

The Website uses two cookie file types, i.e. session ones which are deleted permanently once the user’s browser session ends and permanent ones which are stored on the user device after the browser session ends until they are deleted.

During a visit to the Website, a cookie notice is displayed. Deciding to use the Website, the user gives their consent to using cookies as described in this Cookie Policy. The user may change cookie settings from their browser or delete cookies altogether. Remember that disabling cookies may make it more difficult to use the Website.

The Website uses own cookie files to ensure correct Website function and to facilitate its use. The Website uses third-party cookies as well, i.e. Google Analytics tools (being intellectual property of Google Inc. with its seat in US) to create statistics and analyse them and to optimise the Website function. The tools collect information on the Website use automatically. Information collected in this way is most often sent to Google Inc. servers as well. Using Google Analytics, the Admin does not collect any personal data.

Cookies are used to ensure the Website function and to facilitate its use, including user identification, storing user activity on the Website, storing data from any forms filled in or login data (including but not limited to the fact that no repeated login is required upon every visit to the Website) and statistics. Web browser settings relating to cookies are important from the perspective of giving one’s consent to the use of cookies by the Website. According to the applicable law, such a consent may also be granted by means of web browser settings enabling to use cookies. If there is no such a consent, the web browser settings should be modified as appropriate relating to cookies. Any user who does not want cookies to be used for the above purpose, may delete them manually any time. Having read the detailed instructions, visit the website of the developer of the web browser used. For more information on cookies, see the help menu of every browser. The said cookies are supported e.g. by the following most popular web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera.

The Admin ensures that the stored cookies or any access to them does not result in any configuration changes in the user’s end device used for communication and in the software installed therein.