Types of false eyelashes. Opt for a natural look!

Probably every woman dreams about beautiful eyelashes - long, curled, thick and black as ink. Nothing emphasizes feminine beauty more than clear eyes. Unfortunately most of us were not blessed with such a flirtatious look, so we have to reach for mascaras and eyeliners every day. Some of us also decide to have our eyelashes extended by a beautician, for example with the popular 1:1 method. Those who do not want to use such solutions are still left with sticking false eyelashes. Properly selected false eyelashes can beautifully emphasize the eyes and are a wonderful complement to makeup.

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Eyelash Extension Methods

There are quite a few methods of eyelash extensions and the procedure is one of the most frequently performed in cosmetology. Eyelashes can also be extended at home – this is a proposal for women who are reluctant to choose false eyelashes worn for a longer period of time, fearing too theatrical, exaggerated effect. Many women use them only for big events such as weddings or New Year’s Eve. What can be done to soften the expressive effect of false eyelashes? And is it at all appropriate to use them every day? In my opinion – definitely yes! However, we must remember about several rules.

How to apply false eyelashes and eyelash clumps?

You can also apply your favorite eye shadow and only then apply the false lashes. This way it will be easier for you to stick them on, especially if you are just starting out.

What eyelash extensions should I choose?

When choosing false eyelashes first of all focus on their model and the way they are attached. Those placed on a delicate strip give the effect closest to natural. They are also much easier to apply on your own.

Daisy eyelashes
They look nice and natural on the eye. They subtly complement any makeup, without the theatrical effect of the final makeup.

Types of false eyelashes. Opt for a natural look! | Killys
Types of false eyelashes. Opt for a natural look! | Killys

Types of false eyelashes – strip lashes

As the name suggests, they are entirely glued on the lash line. The strip on which they are placed is thin and transparent so there is no fear that it will be visible on your eyelid, even if you do not use eyeliner.

Strip eyelashes are an alternative to clumps. When it comes to false eyelashes, pay attention to their proper fit in the eye – so that they are not set too close to the outer or inner corner. Also, trim them appropriately to fit your eye as closely as possible. For a natural look, lashes must be glued evenly to each other. It is not acceptable to apply them at different angles! Try to “rest” them on your lashes and then you will also avoid the unwanted double lash effect.


Types of false eyelashes – eyelash clumps

Clumps of eyelashes are single, small lashes that are glued between our natural lashes. Sticking clumps of eyelashes takes much more time and requires more practice than with strip lashes. Remember that you can put on such lashes several times until they lose their original shape. It is enough to remove glue from them. The same can be done with lashes on a strip. The glue can be removed with e.g. greasy make-up remover. Remember to store them in a dedicated packaging.
Tufts are an ideal proposal for everyday use. You can use them to thicken your natural lashes all over or stick them only in the corners creating the “cat eye” effect. Remember not to apply the tufts too thickly as this will add an unwanted theatrical character to your make-up. To get a natural effect you have to remember to glue on tufts of proper length, so shorter ones in the inner corner of the eye and longer ones in the outer corner, remembering that this is how our lashes naturally vary in length.

After applying false eyelashes don’t go for eye shadow colors that are too intense, as they won’t help you achieve a natural look. The perfect colors here are soft beige, brown and nude eyeshadows, which combined with clumps or false eyelashes will create a perfect duo, ideal for daytime makeup.

Types of false eyelashes. Opt for a natural look! | Killys