False eyelash glues

When you are just starting your adventure with false eyelash clusters or eyelashes, you must not forget to choose a suitable glue to fix them. Such a glue is usually water-resistant and you need not be afraid of rain or tears. However, remember the basic rules of applying and removing them. This is important for your eyes. In this way, you can avoid any undesirable irritations and you will be able to reuse the false eyelashes.

Eyelash glue

Always apply the false eyelashes or clusters after you have put mascara on your own ones. It will be easier to apply them this way as the natural eyelashes stiffened with mascara provide a perfect “base”. Apply the glue on the false eyelashes or clusters. Never the other way round. To apply, use tweezers. To remove them, use a makeup removal lotion, preferably a two-phase one. The fatty phase of the lotion will solve the glue.