Blending eyeshadow and eyebrow and eyeliner set WOW Makeup

Blending eyeshadow and eyebrow and eyeliner set WOW Makeup


A set of two eye makeup brushes from the WOW Makeup collection. Includes:

  • Shadow Blending Brush

It is designed for smoothly blending the borders between shadow colors. The distinctive shape of the bristles allows for gentle and layered distribution of cosmetics. Your makeup will be free of streaks and sharp cuts. It will also work great for highlighting the eyebrow arch. It has fine synthetic bristles.

  • Eyebrow and eyeliner brush

The slanted brush is designed for shaping eyebrows and for precise eyeliner. It has perfectly cut, contoured hypoallergenic bristles, which ensures the precision of any eye makeup.

Meet and fall in love with WOW Makeup’s hit collection of brushes. Its unparalleled neon color scheme will catch your eye and make it stand out from the crowd of other makeup accessories.

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