The product has a fast drying formula, intended for hardening soft, brittle and split nails. Effectively protects against breakage, cracking and splitting of nails. Visibly hardens the nail plate, aiming at nail growth. It does not contain formaldehyde resin. The product contains so-called free formaldehyde- a plate hardener which has been approved for use in nail art products.


INTENSIVE TREATMENT – apply for 3 weeks,2-3 times per year.

NAIL CARE – one application every 4-6 weeks or when the nail plate becomes weak and will need to be cured.

For use as a lacquer BASE – apply one layer on a clean and dry nail, leave to dry.

For use as a gloss TOP coat, extending the life of the lacquer – apply one layer.

During application, protect the cuticles around the nail using a protective cream.

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