KillyS are products for demanding women.

They have been made in a way so that they can be used both in the beauty salon and at home.

Regardless of whether you are in the hands of a professional or you are a woman who simply cares about yourself, we want the effect for your beauty to be the same – as from a beauty studio.


The origins of the brand date back to 1939 when a family hairbrushes factory has been established in the Brittany region of France. The owner called the KillyS factory – from the names of three of his daughters: Katherine, Lily and Sylvie.
The factory prospered, gradually expanding its range of products with other hair accessories. With time, beauty studios where brushes were delivered began to request other beauty products. This is how the first manicure and pedicure accessories were created in the factory. Products gained women’s trust and very quickly it spread through the grapevine that KillyS is not anymore only hairbrushes, but professional, high quality nail accessories.
The brand grew stronger, but it is only the merger of its owner – the French group LBD, with the company Inter-Vion SA having an over 25 years’ experience in beauty accessories industry, allowed the brand to appear on foreign markets. Since 2000, KillyS has focused primarily on effective preparations for nourishing, strengthening and highlighting the natural beauty of nails. These products have become the foundation of the brand, and their effectiveness makes them appreciate both the beauty studios and women who take care of their nails at home.
Today, the second foundation of the brand are also make-up accessories. Brushes, sponges or specialized applicators found for good their place in vanity cases of demanding women and professionals.


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Each of us wants beautiful and well-groomed hands, it’s not for nothing that hands are our showcase. That is why I have been looking for a preparation that will strengthen my naturally fragile nails.
With a regular use of KillyS nutrients, the plate is always hard, it does not break down at a slight impact, as it used to. Preparations do not thicken, it is very easy to spread it. I recommend!
Magical Inspirations
KillyS accessories are ideal for the care of thin and split nails! I have always had weak, thin and split nails, which were ragged even by a paper file, which was causing splinters and even bigger splitting. KillyS mineral nail file and the polisher are so fine and delicate that they do not affect the structure of the nail without ragging it! Nails are beautifully and smoothly” filed – I have noticed the difference right away. For the first time for many months I managed to put them to my dream length!